We are a company that produces elastomers from natural and petroleum-based synthetic rubbers suitable for the needs of the rubber sponge, gasket industry and industry, and from vulcanized rubber according to their properties and intended use.

Rubber sponge balls starting from size of 25 mm and up to 250 mm, which is the main and most used area of rubber sponges of 5-6 different densities, which we usually produce from natural rubber, are in the standard between RG160 and RG300 kg/m3.

Production is carried out in accordance with DIN and ASTM norms, and they are cleaning balls that show maximum performance in cleaning the concrete, plaster and plaster remaining in the hoses and pipes after the concrete pump plaster and gypsum spray pumps are finished.

We export these products to our customers in approximately 60-65 countries. (Australia, Germany, Belgium, England, Italy, India, France, UAE, Korea, Canada, America are among the main countries.)

Another important area of use of sponge balls is a cooler with 10,000 and 13,000 cooling pipes, called condenser, in balls between 13mm and 50mm, in power plants that produce electricity (thermal power plants such as nuclear energy, oil, natural gas, coal) and cooled by sea water (distillation).

We also manufacture defect-free high quality condenser cleaning balls for use in pipes, by integrating special series and quality control into production.

These products are also exported to various countries in the world. (Like Belgium, America, India, Pakistan, Germany, Italy, Israel, UAE, South Korea, France, Canada, Australia.)

In addition, we make special production of cleaning balls used in water delivery pipes from size of 250mm to 500mm in lengths of 5000 to 15000 meters. The countries we export for these products are Canada and America for now.

We also manufacture rubber rollers that we can produce in different sizes for printing on labels in label machines to be used in different machines and apparatus in the industry, which is usually in the packaging sector. This product, which we usually work with RG200kg/m3, is highly preferred in the domestic market and abroad, and we export to countries such as Canada, America and India.

All of the rubber sponge cleaning balls, plates and rollers are analyzed in technical analysis laboratories by our founder and chemist Semih Oten in accordance with DIN norms.

Quality control reports for each product purchased by our customers are available upon request. Our products are not sponges, they are industrial rubber sponges.